CT scan service engineer

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Erbis Engineering Co. Ltd.

Two vacancies for CT scan service engineer at Erbis engineering co. ltd in Delhi and Lucknow.

If you are having CT scan service engineer experience at least of two years. Apply Now!

Company Profile:

At Erbis, we are into the sales of Medical Equipments and related Electrical / Mechanical Apparatus, Systems and Pharmaceuticals. Sales of Parts and Materials for the above-mentioned Instruments. Installations, maintenance and service operations related to the above-mentioned Equipments, Apparatus, Systems, Instruments and Materials. Export of the above-mentioned Equipments, Pharmaceuticals, Parts and Materials. Repair services for Medical Equipments, Electronic Medical Instruments and related Electronic/Mechanical apparatus. Export of Electronic Components, Raw Materials and related manufacturing facilities.

Contact Person: Sunil saini , Service Manager

To apply for this job email your details to sunil.saini@erbismedical.com